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Inner Fire by Doxy

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Inner Fire

Inner Fire

Inner Fire by Doxy
Phoebe and Flamina venture deep to discover the mysteries of some hidden temple


Talking Dirty

Talking Dirty

Talking Dirty by InCase
A short story about respect for the english language, and two people that have obvious anger issues. Also penises, butts and sexy lingerie.

Incase_TALK_02Incase_TALK_03Incase_TALK_04Incase_TALK_05Incase_TALK_06Incase_TALK_07Incase_TALK_08Incase_TALK_09Incase_TALK_10Incase_TALK_11Incase_TALK_12Incase_TALK_13 (1)

Bikini Space Police: Stop and Frisky

Bikini Space Police: Stop and Frisky

Bikini Space Police by StickyMon
Officer Starflame and Rookie A-I are on their first beat together as partners, and things are about to get a little loco


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