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Xenobiology by InCase

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Xenobiology by InCase

Aaand here it goes! My second full length color comic. I hope you like it!

It’s a world where Aliens inhabit the earth, they happen have a certain trait which affects Ms. Jelenko particularly…

InCase_XENO_02 InCase_XENO_03InCase_XENO_04_0InCase_XENO_05InCase_XENO_06InCase_XENO_07InCase_XENO_09InCase_XENO_10InCase_XENO_11InCase_XENO_12

Star Heat

Star Heat

Star Heat by Dsanhentai

Star steals an artifact from some thugs hoping to make a quick space-buck. She and her cabin-boy Kweli soon discover that there is an alien inside! Now it’s up to Star to take care of Kweli’s body!




Threadless by Doxy
In her pursuit of the school head, Ryuko faces her toughest enemy yet! The hentai nerd….

Doxy_TRED_0002Doxy_TRED_0003Doxy_TRED_0004Doxy_TRED_0005Doxy_TRED_0006Doxy_TRED_0007Doxy_TRED_0008Doxy_TRED_0009Doxy_TRED_0010Doxy_TRED_0011Doxy_TRED_0012Doxy_TRED_0013Doxy_TRED_0014Doxy_TRED_0015Doxy_TRED_0016Doxy_TRED_0017Doxy_TRED_0018Doxy_TRED_0019Doxy_TRED_0020Doxy_TRED_0021Doxy_TRED_0022 (1)

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